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A better, more beautiful search for your next home.

The real estate market is a massive and crowded space, especially with juggernauts like Zillow and Redfin pouring dollars into building increasingly powerful products to make the search for a new home easier. This evolution in how we buy and sell homes is changing the nature of how we work with brokers. So, when Coldwell Banker Bain came to Design Commission with a simple ask – “help us update our property search experience to be competitive” we saw an opportunity to do more than just improve a feature set. We saw an opportunity to help our client build relationships.

example of CB Bain's old website and new site design

Our process began with some preliminary usability studies. The client came to us with the assertion that their current site wasn’t up to snuff, so we put it out to panel of users to collect feedback on what, specifically, wasn’t working. With some basic findings in hand, we built a series of prototypes outlining a search experience that helped users narrow down their result set to manageable size, using a progressive level of detail on each property to help them quickly weed out the unfit candidates.

The right details at the right time

The process of evaluating a home based on what you see on a web page is unique to each user – some people want to know how many bedrooms are on the second floor, versus the first. Some couldn’t care less, but absolutely have to know when the furnace was installed. Through our customer interviews and studies we build a prioritized list of home attributes so that we could create a property detail page that gave the right information to the most users possible.

Rob Wachter, Inbound Marketing Manager, Coldwell Banker Bain

"We had the ambitious goal of creating a UX and site design that rivals leading real estate search sites. We knew it would require help from a smart, nimble and innovative team. Design Commission fit the bill perfectly! They helped us achieve brilliant solutions that allow our clients to find their dream homes and locate the right real estate broker for their needs. The team at Design Commission was committed to making sure our goals were achieved each step of the way. And, they were a friendly group, to boot! I highly recommend Design Commission."

Rob Wachter, Inbound Marketing Manager, Coldwell Banker Bain

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