Health and wellness for those most in need.

With an eye on simple, usable, and effective experiences, we designed mobile & tablet applications to support both members and facilitators for the new health and wellness program, created by Crossfit co-founder Lauren Jenai.

The premise behind Manifest is simple...

1)The people who are already in good shape have plenty of ways to stay in shape. It’s the people who are not yet in good shape that need the most help.
2)Your blood is one of the most objective indicators of your health that you have.

With these two things in mind, Lauren Jenai, co-founder of Crossfit, asked Design Commission to help craft a digital experience for the program that allowed both members and facilitators to be successful.

Keep mobile simple

Manifest Iphone

Smart phones don’t make you more fit - good nutrition and exercise do. So our focus for the Manifest member mobile app was on providing the simple and efficient experience to accomplish log meals, schedule appointments, and monitoring of progress.

No step counter. No library of 1,000 exercises to do. Just the basics you need to achieve your goal in the program.

The end result is a mobile application that lets you accomplish what you need to and get on with your life.

Keep tablets simple

Because Manifest relies on facilitators being able to monitor how their clients are doing – what they’re eating, how their bloodwork looks, and when they are coming in for a consultation.

Manifest Ipad Mockup

We designed a special tablet application which gives them access to their clients list and schedule at a finger’s touch. It also allows them to communicate with their clients through the client app to provide support and encouragement when needed.

Make fit functional

Our process involved a team of several designers working together on multiple applications to ensure a consistent brand voice was articulated in the interface. Using a series of prototypes we were able explore various interaction models and information architecture before diving into interface design.

Both applications use the same design system to achieve a clean look-and-feel, based on the company's brand guidelines. With the visual design complete, we worked closely with development team at Foundry Interactive to iterate on the product’s features in testing to ensure all the loose ends were accounted for.

Manifest Devices

The two applications work hand-in-hand to provide a unified experience which is both easy to use, beautifully designed, and, thanks again to our development partner, Foundry Interactive, functionally sound.

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