We designed a mobile data access monitoring tool that lead to their successful acquisition.

If you've heard the buzz phrase “consumerization of IT” then you know why Mobilisafe is an important company. This Seattle start-up provides IT managers with a toolkit to discover, assess, and mitigate mobile devices with access to corporate networks.

The Seed of Desire

Our work with Mobilisafe began early on by helping to refine the startup’s initial planned user experience strategy and then to craft the design of its interface. Our first challenges with the project were, as usual, getting a strong fundamental understanding of what the product did and why it was important. We always look for features or benefits of the product that are obviously valuable and easy to understand — then capitalize on those in the experience. These seeds of value are what capture the hearts and minds of customers and make the product desirable.

These guys had a great product defined, but needed DC to sort out what the best experience for using that product would be. The first step for us was to evaluate the architecture of the product. We looked at how all the features came together, what they were called, when they should be used.

Mobilisafe is a powerful tool that helps industry leaders protect their data on mobile devices

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Once we had worked out an organization of the application we were satisfied with, we knew the next step was to get into the details of information design and interaction design. This meant looking at all the metrics the Mobilisafe platform could deliver and designing how that information was displayed. It also meant looking at how users should interact with that information. What's the best way to change to date range on a report? What's the best presentation of data about Android devices, segmented by OS version? (As it turns out the answers are, "a health mixture of selection lists and toggles", and "A donut chart" in that order).

Mobilisafe dashboard was designed to manage data security on both a global and granular level.

Ready for Your Close Up, Mr. Cruise?

Confident in our solution to the challenge of designing for an information and intuitive interaction with data, we wanted to make the experience a visually unique one. If you look across the industry of IT management systems, you'll see some amazingly boring interface design and Mobilisafe knew this represented a market opportunity for them. If the experience of using their system was a rich and exciting one, the chances IT managers would be compelled to continue using it were much great. We toyed with some tamer visual systems, but the whole team agreed it needed more punch so we dialed it up. The result is more like something you'd see in a hollywood blockbuster than on your CTO's ThinkBook, but it worked. We know because the response from users was phenomenal. And the response from Rapid7, who acquired Mobilisafe only months after their new product launched was even more valuable.

Mobilisafe was such a successful product it was quickly acquired and added to Rapid 7's product suite.
Giri Sreenivas, Founder

Take it from Giri

“Working with David and his team at Design Commission was instrumental to our development of an innovative and fresh take on an enterprise security dashboard for tracking mobile security risks. We were able to embed DC in our iterative customer development process, seamlessly moving from design sessions with DC to customer interviews to development planning. The team at DC provided another valuable perspective on the customer feedback we were receiving and helped us bring to market a product that our customers felt was distinctive and essential to achieving their goals.”

Giri Sreenivas, Founder

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