Optimum Energy

This mobile app gives facility managers instant insight into the financials of their energy consumption.

Optimum Energy has built a massively valuable product suite – pairing hardware with web-based services to give visibility to know how healthy a large facility's power consumption is. They came to Design Commission with the request for designing a mobile app to give on-the-go access to analytics for their costumers.

Understanding the right metrics and how to present them was a cornerstone in developing this app.

What to Show and When to Show It

Part of the challenge with any analytics product is showing users the right information at the right time. Making these decisions about a data set as rich and diverse as enterprise plant optimization monitoring is, well, yeah, a huge challenge. We tapped our client's deep industry knowledge to help choose a primary set of key performance indicators and then put them to the customers to verify. Once we knew we had the right metrics we needed to identify how to present them.

Access to real time data visualization gives the user unique insight into how efficiently their utilities are running.

Everything, for Everyone, in its Right Place

Because the application need to support many types of users - each having access unique data sets, we had to consider how to organize the application. We worked through a series of prototypes created using pen-and-paper and Protosketch. This allowed us to approximate how fluid options would feel. It was critical that users could speed through the application to find the key data point they were looking for.

We moved quickly from wireframing to clickable interactive prototypes

We used the corporate brand guidelines as a foundation for the look-and-feel of the app. The colors and fonts helped tie the app to a brand which existing customers would immediately associate with Optimum Energy. We worked hard to keep the UI sparse, opting for a lighter weight to the interface so that the data would stand out.

A custom iconographic system helps give users immediate signifiers for what data set they were looking at. And the color-coding system tells the story of how healthy the plant's energy consumption is.

APIs and Dev

Our developers worked with the talented team at Optimum Energy to define the API needed to populate content in the app. API-crafting is messy work, and it requires a team of experts who can communicate well, collaborate, and exhibit grace under pressure. From time-to-time, beer also helps.

Kati Hensien Sr. Director, Product Management

“Working with Design Commission was a fantastic experience! David and his entire team were critical to the success of our mobile solution. They quickly immersed themselves in understanding our users and the core scenarios our product needed to support. Then translated those requirements into a modern functional design and quickly turned that design into a shipping product. Perhaps most important of all is that they effective worked on handoff of the finished product to our development team. This was by far the most successful outsourced design and development project I have ever undertook.”

Kari Hensien Sr. Director, Product Management

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