Personal productivity has never looked so good. Design Commission retells the story of and boosts conversions.

Telling the story of a product to customers requires a blended mix of explanatory details, social proof, and focused actions, resulting in a paying customer. RescueTime is the industry-leader in computer-usage tracking for today's knowledge workers. They came to Design Commission with a need to retell their story to new and previous customers in a clear and compelling way.

RescueTime tracks the time you spend in the currently active tab or window of your browser. This gives you a clear picture of what you were actually doing all day.

It Starts with Understanding

Our first order of business was to make sure we had the first-hand experience with their product needed to understand what it did. So we spent time using the app, tracking our usage, and reviewing the reports. We learned that the key to what makes Rescue Time so valuable is that it helps you discover what your behaviors say about how you spend your time. This awareness can change lives by achieving a work-life balance so we knew that was key to the story.

Pairing look-and-feel

The client's team wanted to make sure that our design for the marketing site worked with the internal redesign of the web application they were finishing up. We collaborated with them to identify the key attributes of their visual language so that the transition from the marketing site to the web app was transparent.

We chose a light-weight approach to identifying the features of the product and talking about how those features fit into a user's life.

Identify and Prove

With any technology product, the first order of marketing is educating prospective users about what the product does. This can be a tricky process — say too little and they leave with unanswered questions, say too much and they leave without finishing. We chose a light-weight approach to identifying the features of the product and talking about how those features fit into a user's life.

Once the visitor knows what the product does, the next step in making a customer out of them is to provide them a feeling of consensus, or social proof. With RescueTime this was a cinch. The product has a long history with satisfied customers who are both notable and vocal. We pulled a few key mentions and press citings to help drive home the value.

It's about stories

Stories are critical to our understanding of the world. So, we chose to highlight a few individual customers who gave short stories of how RescueTime benefited them. This makes the product more personal and approachable by showing how people "just like you" are benefiting from using it.

Sharing testimonials is probably one of the easiest ways to improve conversion and overcome buyer skepticism.

Transparent Conversions

RescueTime offers both free and paid plans which requires that the conversion process be clear – getting people to sign up for the wrong product doesn't help anyone. That said, paying members are what count. So, we designed the conversion process to encourage people to sign-up for premium plans without belittling the value of the free plan.

A straight-forward pricing Q and A that speaks to the most common questions users have had supports the pricing-plan break-down. This transparency creates a sense of good-will that benefits everyone involved.

The updated design for has garnered them many accolades and referrals and helped to grow their business.

Robby Macdonell, Vice President of Product Development, RescueTime

“Design Commission came through for us in a big way when we were doing a recent top-to-bottom rework of our application. We faced the daunting challenges of explaining the new vision to our existing users while simultaneously appealing to new customers. Design Commission worked with us to refine the story behind the redesign into a compelling narrative that was easy to understand, and then created a beautiful marketing site to showcase it. The results have been fantastic.”

Robby Macdonell, Vice President of Product Development, RescueTime

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