Restaurants Unlimited

We helped RUI build a customer loyalty app to reward their patrons and increase visit frequency across multiple locations.

Rewarding Brand Loyalty

Rewarding your patrons is just good business. But, as our world becomes more digital, those same patrons have to be rewarded in different ways. And let's face it – who want yet-another-card to keep track of?

Restaurants Unlimited, Inc., the Seattle-based restaurant group, came to Design Commission because they knew we could help them get into their customers' pants. They needed help getting their customer rewards system on their patrons' phones. Off-the-shelf solutions didn't give their customers the same level of excellence in experience they were accustom to.

Building a JavaScript/HTML prototype helped Design Commission to bridge gaps in the applications overall user flow and ease the process of onboarding new users.

Also, with over forty dining options available to rewards members, the app had to give diners easy-to-find guidance to find and enjoy an RUI dining experience.

We set to work partnering with Paytronix, the points-management back-end provider, to design and build the mobile app. Our first step involved a comprehensive gathering of all the aspects of the rewards program. We had to make sure we were giving users the right information at the right time. Using a JavaScript/HTML prototype we created helped us better understand how the user experience flowed and where any gaps in the process were.

With a rewards program, getting new members signed up is one challenge, on-boarding existing members can be even more problematic. Nobody wants to download, install, and use a rewards app that is going to forget about all the points you'd built up in the past. We refer to it as "disambiguation" and our design process considered how we handled these customers. The result was a thoughtful and efficient process which captured a wide range of customer types with minimal UI.

Building a JavaScript/HTML prototype helped Design Commission to bridge gaps in the applications overall user flow and ease the process of onboarding new users.

Using their company brand, we designed a light-weight interface which helps users focus on the content that matters– rewards and restaurants.

We built the application with a backend framework allowing RUI to release the app to other operating systems without a full-rebuild. And the CMS we created ensured RUI could manage content in the app without having re-release the app. Cool, right?

By building an app with a CMS we gave RUI the ability to update content on the fly without having to constantly release updates.

The Taste of Success!

The end result is an app that gives the client a digital tool which keeps them connected to their customers – they're in the customer's pocket at all times. And for those hungry eaters? Well, quick access to discounted, or even free meals sure tastes great.

You can download our delicious work in action right here.

Ryan Lehmann, Loyalty Marketing Specialist

A Winning Team

“To take the guest experience to next level at Restaurants Unlimited we decided to develop a mobile app that will give our guests the power to reward themselves with great dining perks on their mobile device. The dedicated and passionate team at Design Commission created a custom application for us with the same extraordinary service and dedication that we provide to our guests when they visit one of our Restaurants.”

Ryan Lehmann, Loyalty Marketing Specialist

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